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Digital Advertising

Looking at running digital ads? How do you know what you need, or even where to begin?

Another question you may be asking is, what is digital marketing and where is a digital marketing agency near me?  Digital ads can range from simple, static banner ads that have been around since the dawn of internet time, to OTT (Over the Top) video ads that you see on your favorite streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube. 

Digital advertising results are highly measurable, and we can target your potential buyers with very specific behavioral, geographic and interest based attributes. 

We can empathize with your audience, and determine where and how to best reach them.

We can put together a budget and a plan to maximize your ROI, and determine what tactics and strategies will work best because when it comes to getting a return on your marketing  investment (or ROMI) it really depends!

Our team is Google Ads certified and well-versed in social media advertising platforms. Once we have a scope of your demographics, goals, and timeline, we’ll put together a media plan to meet those goals. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hulu, YouTube…the list goes on!  No need to keep asking, “where can I go to get digital advertising.”  We’re here to help.


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For example;

Maybe you’re a new brand and you don’t have a lot of name recognition yet, and we simply need to get people familiar with you. That would require a different tactic with digital/social ads than let’s say, the tactic or strategy that we would use to promote a specific event where we want people to register to attend.  

Determining these goals ahead of time will save time, keep your budget, and help get you the kinds of results you are looking for! 

We also A/B test our creative and copy at the beginning, in order to discover what messaging/imagery is going to resonate the most with your target audience. 

For example, there may be a particular photo that isn’t performing as well as another. By A/B testing first, we can scrap the one that’s not working, and spend more budget on the one that is.

In today’s world, digital ads need to be an ongoing part of your overall marketing strategy. That means that you won’t see results by running just one ad, or even running multiple ads for too short of a period of time, because it takes 11-13 times for people to see your message before they’ll act on it, on average.  

Finally, in order to really fine-tune your messaging and capitalize on your investment, you’ll need to tie all of it together by attaching pixels, tracking codes, analytics, etc., and reviewing them often so that we can determine where we’re getting the best return on your marketing investment! Your metrics can vary, because your target audience will vary, and so will your goals!  So stop searching, “digital marketing agency near me,” and contact us today!

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