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Email Marketing

You may have heard that email marketing is going the way of the fax machine, but did you know that fax machines are alive and well, and still in use? 

So is email marketing! Businesses and organizations are still using email marketing to keep in touch with their customers, reach new customers, share news, special offers, and discounts, and more! 

But how do you manage, grow, and maintain your email list, and what technology is available to help you do so efficiently? 

We’re experts at email marketing, and we have the technology, tactics and writers on staff you need to start taking advantage of everything that email marketing can do to help you grow your brand and bottom line!

Email marketing services we offer: 

  • Manage and grow your email list
  • Create email templates/graphics
  • Generate email campaigns 
  • Create sales funnels 
  • Promotions, sign-ups, special offers
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Ready for your email list to start working FOR you?

Yes, I’m ready.

Taking email marketing even further with marketing automation.

Grow lists of qualified contacts by offering eBooks in exchange for email addresses so you can market to them later. Build lists of contacts based on their interests and interaction on your site so you can send content that’s more relevant to those groups. Build nurture campaigns that gently nudge people toward a call to action. “Sign up for our event, buy our product, subscribe to our service, schedule a discovery call, etc.” Many Marketing Automation systems have emails built in like, hey…it’s your birthday, Happy Birthday (if you know your contact’s birthday).

Get The Party Started
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Find a marketing plan that works for you.

We have a marketing program for your business that will help you get a jump start. Whether your business is big or small, these packages include something for everyone. Get started and discover how working with Peppershock can save you time and help you meet all of your marketing goals!


Marketing Launch:

This program is designed for a small business looking to grow their social brand. Your image and reputation depend on a well constructed messaging system. Get started and discover how Peppershock can tell your story! Trust our expertise to launch your business to success.

Reasons businesses choose the Launch Program:

  • More and more purchasing decisions are being made based on the social media presence of the business
  • Resources are limited, posting consistently is a challenge
  • Keeping on top of latest trends is also time consuming, and the tools are expensive
  • Lack of creative training and know-how
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Jump Start

Marketing Jump Start:

You are a small to mid-size business. You may have some marketing help in-house but it isn’t enough. You need more than brand awareness, you are focused on conversions. This program is designed for businesses that have big ideas but need additional resources to meet the demands of your growing business.

Reasons businesses choose the Jump Start Program:

  • It’s challenging to create professional content consistently
  • Lacking a dedicated resource to manage online reputation
  • In-house staff is at capacity
  • Have a vision for growth but need help implementing the plan
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Marketing Catapult:

You are a mid-sized business. You have a marketing staff but don’t have the man power to do all that you want. You are looking to partner with an ad agency. The Marketing Catapult Program is a robust and dynamic option for the established organization that needs to invest more in marketing and media to catapult to the next level! We become your marketing partner.  This program is similar to the Jump Start program, but includes a more robust media buying strategy and plan.

Reasons businesses choose the Catapult Program:

  • Lacking someone to plan and manage media buys
  • Looking to expand reach to a wider audience
  • In-house staff is at capacity
  • Need additional creative resources, team and talent
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