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Aerial Photography & Video Production

Drone Video and Photography: everybody’s doing it, now how can you? 

Drone video and photography services have taken advertising and marketing to ‘new heights’ (pardon the pun), and we’re proud to be able to offer these services to you either as a part of your overall marketing strategy or as a part of a special project or feature! 

Wherever and wherever you need a bird’s eye view of things, whether it’s for real estate, inspections, sweeping views of your location, services, or experiences, we are here to help get your ideas off the ground. 

Peppershock Media is proud of Drew & Brian for earning their “Remote Pilot Certificates” from the FAA, so check out some of our work, and let’s get your next marketing campaign off, off, and away!
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Drone Photography Video Production Idaho - Peppershock Media