Magic Valley Mall Marketing Partnership

With storefronts and malls closing throughout the United States, the Magic Valley Mall faced similar challenges in achieving its growth initiatives in a downward-trending industry of brick-and-mortar retail.  Even with the downward trends, Peppershock has been able to increase revenue for mall tenants by nurturing the core audience of loyal shoppers.  Traditional advertising outlets (local TV and radio), combined with digital and social ads have proven to be an effective marketing mix in the market.

Combining marketing automation (SharpSpring), engaging email content, social media strategy, and creative giveaways, Peppershock Media has delivered outstanding results for Magic Valley Mall.

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Digital Campaign Results

Q4 2018 holiday shopping campaign for the Magic Valley Mall was a big shift from mostly traditional advertising to a much higher mix of digital and social media marketing. By empathizing with our target audiences of younger females and females in the 24-45 age demographic, we took to social channels with offers, deals, and savings. The results from that campaign are below.

Survey Says…

“Total shop sales for the month of November grew by 6% over the prior year with a number of stores’ individual monthly performance up 20%+. These are great results and we are pleased with the performance.”

– Trevor White, Property Manager, Idaho Regional Office, Magic Valley Mall

Buckle Youth Promotion

Our Solution

We have produced a number of different videos for Magic Valley Mall, but more recently, we produced one for an individual store called Buckle Youth. Watch the video below. Buckle Youth is a new concept store for the more widely known, Buckle store.  Twin Falls was chosen as a test market for this concept and after just a few months of being open, the store continually generated above-projected results.  We’re happy to have been a part of this marketing effort and are also happy to report that the success of the initial launch has secured the concept as a more permanent fixture in the Magic Valley Mall.  Buckle plans to open more Buckle Youth stores across the country because of the success in Twin Falls.
This video was viewed by the Buckle CEO and leadership team, and consequently picked up by the Buckle corporate office and shared on their social channels with over 500k followers.


From traditional TV spots to paid YouTube campaigns, Peppershock has produced several promotional videos for the mall. Video resonates with our audience and helps tell relatable stories. These stories, in turn, drive increased foot traffic to the mall and increases their overall presence and recognition online.

Social Media

We believe that consistent, well-written, and designed social media is crucial for any modern-day business to succeed. Social media channels are often the first place a potential customer will search for a business and capturing the attention of that person is critical to converting them into a loyal customer. Working in advance, we create posts, schedule them, and monitor the interaction. Responding to questions and comments creates trust between the business and its customers.

Coupling organic posts with paid ads has proven to be a successful way of reaching the mall’s customers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

We utilize marketing automation for the scheduling, creation, and launch of email campaigns designed to drive engagement with the content and generate virtual traffic to the mall’s website. Examples of different promotional materials are listed below.

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